Training And Certifications

We place great importance on forward-looking further development, so that we can provide solutions today that our customers will need tomorrow.

Our engines are convincing for their outstanding characteristics:
All our engines are compact, robust and durable, and comply with the current emission requirements.


The essential features of our diesel engines include amongst other things their durability, high quality and ease of maintenance, which is why these small diesel engines are used in so many different applications.

Low fuel consumption

However powerful our engines are, even under extreme usage conditions, their fuel consumption is still extremely economical.

Low noise

One particularly pleasant characteristic for both the user and the environment is the extremely quiet running of our engines.

A highly qualified profession with flexible employment possibilities. Industrial clerks practice their interesting and varied profession in many areas of our company.
The responsibilities of this position include personnel, finance and accounting, in addition to materials management, sales and marketing. The varied responsibilities of an industrial clerk include not only working on the computer, where all business processes are handled, but also the development of marketing strategies and direct involvement in our internal company production processes.

The training period lasts 3 years.


Find out everything you need to know about AGP Power engines.

AGP Power engine Denmark in Ballerup has operated in its own training centre.

 Here, customers and their technicians, dealers and service partners are trained on the corresponding engine types, so that after this training, participants are qualified to carry out preventive maintenance, servicing and repairs to AGP Power engines.

Training courses include sales training (1 day) and courses on maintenance and servicing work (2-3 days).
Every participant receives a certificate from AGP Power, which qualifies him for the corresponding work on AGP Power engines.
The courses can be held either here with us or on the customer’s premises.
Training courses are also available in English.
We can also provide information on local accommodation facilities.

Close proximity to our customers is a paramount consideration. Our worldwide sales and service network ensures individual and expert on-the-spot care by locally based partners. Our customers also have access to contact partners who they know and trust. We and our sales and service partners are proud of this trust.