Special Products

Special Products

AGPPower regularly researches various arenas to identify needs for specific products related to power generation. AGPPower has designed and developed a small footprint power solution for use in specialized applications.

These applications range from Rescue Vehicles, Mobile Tactical Units and similar.


Small Footprint Power Unit


Technical Data



Permanent magnet generator, directly mounted on an engine. Peripheral equipment is tailored to customer requirements

Nominal Output

15 kW

Nominal Voltage

28V DC

Nominal Current

580 A at approx. 3500 rpm


Water Cooled

Weight in Total

Approx. 310 kg (Engine-Generator Unit approx. 230 kg)

Dimensions (Engine-Generator Unit)

Approx. 990 x 550 x 385 mm (Length x Width x Hight)

Design Standards



Diesel (F-54)


Special Features:

  • Adaptable to vehicles compartment due to modular design
  • Compact design (low space – light-weight)
  • Enable low level noise system design
  • High power output
  • Efficient fuel consumption
  • Liquid-cooled system
  • Parallel running mode with main generator