AGPPower provides compressors ranging from medium pressure to high pressure

AGPPower is a global leader in the manufacture of medium and high pressure air and gases compression systems.
AGPPower is a market leader in the production of systems for generating air. The AGPPower system ensures air purification in accordance with strict international regulations, such as the air standard DIN EN 12021. Thereby providing divers and fire fighters worldwide with the confidence that they are breathing pure and safe breathing air at all times.

With respect to industrial applications, AGPPower offers a complete range of compressors and boosters in the medium and high pressure range for the compression of air and gases. The modular unit concept enables AGPPower to offer tailor-made solutions that cover a
comprehensive spectrum of pressures, delivery capacities (F.A.D.s) and compressed gases.

AGPPower will perfectly match individual customer requirements. Sustainability is an indispensable characteristic of AGPPower